Building Leaders and Teams, Worldwide

At HCI, our insights and practical solutions derive from our deep experience as practitioners and senior executives, as well as our expert understanding of the latest research and best practices in industrial/organizational psychology. These capabilities position us to help you address organizational and people challenges across diverse cultures, thus enabling your company to lead effectively in a global environment.

Executive Assessment and Coaching

HCI’s assessment and coaching services can help your company’s executives work more effectively with colleagues, many of whom may be from other cultures.

We conduct in-depth assessments of each leader using 360° interviews and tools such as the Hogan Leadership Series, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and DISC. After the assessments are completed, we provide feedback and a customized development plan, along with 3-12 months of one-on-one coaching. This intensive approach enables the leader to improve personal effectiveness by leveraging their strengths and mitigating potential career derailers.

Cross-Cultural Consulting and Coaching

Through workshops and one-on-one sessions, HCI consultants help your organization develop a global mindset and cultural agility. Our proven cross-cultural processes enable leaders and teams to achieve high performance while working effectively across cultures.

Organization Design and Management

No matter how well planned its corporate strategy, your company may still fall short of goals if its organizational structure is outdated or inefficient. New strategies may require that your company change the way it operates – which can be difficult for leaders and teams alike.

HCI consultants focus on creating organizational designs that align with your company’s strategic direction. Our work includes designing new structures and reporting relationships, and defining roles and responsibilities. We also help you implement change management plans so that the organization transitions smoothly. We focus on the people side of change to ensure buy-in.

Team Development

Your company’s competitive advantage likely depends on the performance of one or more cross-functional or cross-border teams. Lack of goal alignment and poor communication as well as differences in geography, language and culture can all result in ineffective, poorly performing teams.

With our proven blend of consulting and coaching, we help your team implement practical tools that improve communication, conflict management, cultural awareness and sensitivity, and problem solving. We also work one-on-one with team members to improve their individual capabilities.

Organizational Surveys

The most carefully planned strategies can quickly derail when an organization’s customers are dissatisfied, or its culture, employees or stakeholders are not in alignment.

HCI carefully designs and implements surveys for employees, customers, and other key stakeholders. We can run surveys on topics including organizational culture, employee engagement, internal client satisfaction, compensation, and team effectiveness. At the end of the survey, we provide accurate and actionable results and insights that your organization can tie into practical action plans.

Talent and Performance Management

HCI consultants can help you motivate, engage and retain global talent. Our work includes the design of tailored functional and leadership competency models, succession planning and talent reviews. We also design performance management systems that include goal setting, appraisal and development planning.