The Leadership of Steve Jobs

By now, many of us have read, watched, and listened to many accounts of Steve Jobs’ many contributions can achievements.  There is a passion from consumers about Apple and Steve Jobs that is rare in the corporate world.  Not long ago, I walked past an Apple store in Soho and saw hundreds of Post-It notes […]

The Limitations of Self-Managed Teams

You no doubt have heard about Zappo’s, the on-line shoe retailer that offers $2000 to new employees who decide after their initial training that they no longer wish to continue with the company. A couple of years ago, Zappo’s founder, Tony Hsieh, decided to introduce a management concept called holacracy (a variation of the self-managed […]

Lessons for Mr. Buffett

Recently, I spoke to my class in Organizational Behavior about what I would advise Mr. Buffett after the recent incident with Mr. Sokol.  Here is a summary of what I said. Number one, be aware of your cognitive biases.  You like people who are like you.  So do most people.  But don’t let that color your judgment. […]